2022 “My China Story” Video competition Kicks Off for Submission
Published on:2022-04-27 10:44 Wednesday  

Submission of Video Proposals/Treatmen

We are looking for creative video proposals/treatment from teams and individuals around the world. Ten outstanding proposals with clear themes and feasibility will be selected from all the submissions. We will provide guidance by professionals as well as video production subsidy for the proposals.

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2022  

Materials Required: The video treatment should include a script with theme and story, a shooting plan, introduction to the crew and previous works, etc

Commitment: Teams and individuals who receive production subsidy are required to sign a written commitment to submit high-quality video works based on the proposal before August 15, 2022

Honor and Benefits:

1. Honor of “My China Story” International Short Video Competition Outstanding Treatment Award.

2. A sum of 5,000 RMB as video production subsidy.

3. Online guidance from professionals.

4. Priority to join in our short video projects.

How to submit your proposals/treatment:

Send your video proposals/treatment to mychinastory@cnmatters.com (The subject of your email should follow this format: Name-Title of the video-“Proposals”).

Submission of Videos

#Annual Topic: Stories of the Hangzhou Asian Games

The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 is themed “Chinese characteristics, Zhejiang style, Hangzhou charm and modern splendor”, while adhering to the philosophy of “green, intelligent, thrifty and civilized.” As a city with a long history and vigorous creativity, Hangzhou is ready to show the world the beauty and vibrancy of the “Paradise on Earth” through the Games.

We are looking for videos related to the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, as well as stories showing Hangzhou’s unique blend of history and modernity through the city’s history, culture, economy, society, science and technology and education, etc.

# Themed Topic 1:Discover China across the World

Under this theme, we are expecting to see how Chinese people, food, architecture or companies integrate with a different culture. If you have observed any impressive Chinese stories outside the country, film them into videos and present us.

# Themed Topic 2:Expats’ Experiences

Expats living in China have brought in fresh ideas and diversified cultures. Share your experience as an expat or the story of other expats living here. The images of foreigners’ working, living or traveling in the country are the best presentation of the interactions between China and the rest of the world.

# Themed Topic 3:Town and Country Tou

Every city and village in China has its unique customs, people and historical heritage. This theme zooms in on foreigners’ stories with Chinese cities or villages. Their relations and emotional connections with these metropolises or townships are distinctive stories to tell.

# Themed Topic 4:A Bite of Chinese Food Worldwide

Chinese food is by all means a fun and appealing topic for videos. If you are a fan of Chinese food, we would love to see your stories on tasting, cooking and sharing the savoury food through videos.

# 30 Theme Awards

The judging panel will select one first prize (8,000 RMB), two second prizes (5,000 RMB), and three third prizes (3,000 RMB) for each of the five themes. The winning entry can be a single video or a video series. For video series, three representative episodes must be submitted.

# 6 Individual Awards

From all the works that enter the final evaluation session, the judging panel will select six entries as Individual Awards, namely Best Video Host, Best Story, Best Videography, Award for International Communication, Award for Online Communication, and Best Short Video Series. Each winner will receive a prize of 4,000 RMB.

# 1 Grand Jury Prize

From the shortlists for the final evaluation session, the judging panel will select one video/one series for the Grand Jury Prize with a reward of 20,000 RMB.

# 50 Outstanding Awards

From all videos submitted, the judging panel will select 50 for the Outstanding Awards.

From May 1 to August 15, the collection channel for films will be opened

1. Upload your video to your or your team account on iXIGUA, Bilibili, Douyin or Sina Weibo. Follow the platforms’ instructions and tick your video with the tag of the competition name to sign up for “My China Story” International Short Video Competition.

2. As an option, send your video to mychinastory@cnmatters. com or through Baidu/Google drive (with link and password). The subject line of your email should follow this format: Name-Title of the video-“Competition Submissions”.

After submitting your entry, please click on the following link to fill out the entry form. https://www.wjx.top/vj/Qw7ArNC.aspx

For more information, visit the competition’s website: www.mychinastory.com

Contact: Miss Li (Tel:010-68996991)

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